Hi! I’m Jason Schreier, an author and journalist who mostly writes about video games. I’m the co-host of the Triple Click podcast. My books are Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, a book about why games are so hard to make, and The New York Times bestseller Press Reset, a book about why the video game industry is so volatile.

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1 thought on “Hi!

  1. Arjen Barnard

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve loved following your work since I, on a whim, picked up Blood , Sweat and Pixels in the beginning of this year.

    I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but that book was moving to the point of tears for some of my most beloved games and the people behind them. Particularly for me the Diablo saga, ongoing as it is, was eye-opening and heartbreaking in equal measure.

    In short; you’re a phenomenal writer; and I don’t think the concept of investigative games journalism was anything more than a madlibs answer before your work. To the many of us nerds who are interested in the industry side of gaming, it’s a treat seeing a new post go up.

    Lastly, Incredibly stoked for your next book, whenever that may manifest.

    Cheers from South Africa!

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