Enter Kotaku

Starting Monday, February 6, I will be a full-time reporter at the Gawker Media blog Kotaku, where I will be covering stories in gaming news and culture.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for me. As one of the biggest websites in the industry, with a gigantic, loyal readership that includes just about every gamer on the planet, Kotaku will be a fantastic platform for my work and an excellent place for me to write, learn, and report. In other words, I can’t fucking wait.

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RE: “‘Your Story Sucks’ Sucks”

Earlier today, I published a piece titled “Your Story Sucks,” in which I describe how much I detest the phrase “your story sucks.”

Later this afternoon, writer Richard Goodness posted a rebuttal titled “‘Your Story Sucks’ Sucks,” in which he refutes many of my points. It’s a great read, though I disagree with much of what he says. But there’s something I’d like to clarify.

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Your Story Sucks

On Twitter yesterday, my friend Andrew Groen wrote something that bugged me.

“It’s always baffling that so many people place so much importance on the story of a video game when game stories are near universally shit,” he said.

While Twitter is regularly filled with sweeping generalizations like this, Andrew’s statement rubbed me all sorts of wrong ways. “Game stories are near universally shit.” What does that even mean? How can a 30-year-old form of media that has told tales in myriad forms, from the text-based enchantments of interactive fiction to the melodramatic zippers of Japanese role-playing games, be “near universally shit”?

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An Open Letter To The Spike VGAs

Dear Spike VGA Producers,

I get it. You’ve got obligations. You have to appeal to a broad audience. Your references can’t be too niche or obscure. You have to keep people watching. You have to appease advertisers and wrangle exclusive deals out of game publishers. I don’t envy your jobs.

But after watching the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards this Saturday night, I can’t help but wish you’d try a little bit harder not to embarrass the people you’re trying to entertain.

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